Falerna – The passion

Once again this year, in Falerna superiore, the traditional recitation of the Passion of Jesus took place during the Easter period. It is an event that is prepared with abundance of details in the scenography, the recital, the costumes and the immersive atmosphere in general.

The secondary actors are increasing more and more, together with the main actors, who have reached about 120 units this year. Among other things, in a context that lends itself much to representation as the country offers characteristic corners that recall the biblical scenarios both urban and rural.

In fact, there are small squares in the old town, such as Piazza Floro, Piazza Marconi,  Piazza Monumento) where represent some of the many scenes of passion, as there are small gardens in which scenes are represented that include the presence of olive trees as the scene of Judah’s hangman.

The event then ends in Piazza Monument entrance to the village that houses an old church restored in past years and with plenty of space available in which you can accommodate all visitors and where there is a small hill adjacent to the sea and  offering the evocative scenery for the scene of the crucifixion.

The continuous work of dedication and passion on the part of the Pro Loco of Falerna, and of the many people who contribute to the success of this event, is clearly evident in the improvements that are recorded from year to year.

We can not but thank, support and stimulate Fabio Menniti, one of the representatives who works not only in this event but also in many others during the year and in particular in the summer season to stimulate and belong to the country but also contribute to the development of the same in tourism.


Popular tradtions certainly represent a vehicle for development, and the “Passion” event begins to become a fixed appointment for Falerna and for many visitors who have been confirming their presence for years. A nice positive note is the fact that all together meet later in the evening to celebrate in the few restaurants in Falerna.


On our side, with a vaim to contributing to the promotion, we share the affection for this event and the enthusiasm of the organizers through the publication of some very suggestive photos (among which those of Cristina Scerbo) that have been sent to us and that remind us some of the scenes represented, as well as the video of the Volo Volontari Lametini association.


Roberto Vescio