Gizzeria – Kitesurf

Gizzeria marina presents, in many parts of the coast, a particular wind condition called technically “therma windl”, suitable, for several hours of the day,  for windsurfing  and kitesurfing. Sport, the latter, very spectacular to watch for the beauty of the colors of kites used to tow sportsmen around the sea on their tables.

Over time these beaches have become a reference for the specialists of these sports for almost the whole year.

In particular, the locations near the La Lampara restaurant, but above all of Pesce e Anguille, which probably takes its name from the fact that over time it represented a geographical reference for the purchase of fish of various kinds, but also of eels, they are today the points of greatest influx for this type of tourism.

To accompany the needs of these sports were born special beaches with services for the storage of sails, but also with services for normal bathing (umbrellas and chairs). Some of these shores then turn into night clubs for evening entertainment.

In particular, we recommend the “Hang Loose Beach” in the locality of Pesce e Anguille, where it is also possible to enroll in courses for beginners or experts in various disciplines.

The show here is really engaging, to the point of attracting now not only the insiders but also the many who, lying in the sun or immersed in the water, simply observe the acrobatics of athletes or aspiring ones. The beach also offers the 3×3 beach volleyball and basketball courts and many games and entertainment for children.

On many summer evenings, especially on Saturdays, some of these beaches are transformed into outdoor nightclubs, representing a point of reference for night-time entertainment. During the afternoon, aperitifs are offered at reasonable prices accompanied by live music programs.

At the Hang Loose Beach, an important race of the European or world Kitesurf championships took place in July.

Definitely worth spending a few days on this beach to enjoy the show.
Hang Loose Beach, Location Pesce e Anguille, Gizzeria lido (Cz) –