Photo Poster

We have created a series of photo posters that can be used as bed heads in hotels, cottages, B & B or to set up various other environments. These are photos that show fantastic views of our territory. We are available to provide you in photo paper up to 1.80 cm wide or in forex in 3 panels of 1 meter x 1 meter approximately (in the latter case with a final effect of 3 x 1 meters to be used for example in the stands of the fairs or to set up a whole wall). If interested, contact us about it.

Our hope is that, especially outside of Calabria, but also in our territory, many businesses run by our fellow countrymen set up their walls to advertise our territory.

01. Gizzeria – Piano di Lizza
02. Falerna – da Monte Mancuso
03. Gizzeria Marina – Kitesurf
04. Gizzeria – Pesce e Anguille
05. Falerna – Monte Mancuso Piano Carito
06. Falerna – Piano Campitello
07. Falerna – Piano Campitello
08. Falerna – Faggeta del Monte Mancuso
9. Falerna – Rifugio Monte Mancuso
10. Falerna – Casermetta Monte Mancuso
11. Nocera – Località Istia, vista su Nocera
12. Falerna – Marina
13. Falerna – Marina
14. Nocera – Contrada Casale, ulivi secolari
15. Falerna – Pian delle Vigne